Happy Birthday, BlindSquare

The initial version of BlindSquare has appeared in the App Store in May 2012. Now, two years later, we would like to invite you to celebrate with us the second birthday of BlindSquare and the release of BlindSquare version 2.0. Be part of the fun and tune in to BlindSquare radio on Friday, 16 May, 5 PM GMT, 1 PM EDT, 20:00 Finnish time. During the show, hosted by Johanna, Jakob and Andre, we will unbox the new version and show you its new features. Ilkka Pirttimaa, developer of BlindSquare, will join for an interview on some of the new functions. And who knows, maybe the BlindSquare ghost will make an appearance once again, too… We are proud that BlindSquare is available in 23 languages and has users in more than 60 countries all around the world. Send us your BlindSquare birthday messages, and we will play them during the show. You can record a short voice clip beginning with your name and country in English, followed by your birthday message in your language. Your clip should not be longer than 15 seconds. Send the recording to dev@blindsquare.com and put “birthday message” and your language in the subject line. We would like to invite you to also send us your BlindSquare stories. Tell us why you like BlindSquare or how it helped you in a difficult situation. You can Email us your story in English as text or audio at dev@blindsquare.com. If you send a recording, it should not be longer than two minutes and the file should not be larger than three mb. We look forward to interacting with you during the show through Twitter, Facetime, iMessage, and Skype. Here’s what you need to know to be part of the fun: When: Friday, 16 May, 5 PM GMT, 1 PM EDT, 20:00 Finnish time. Where: http://blindsquare.com/live Contact:

Email stories and Birthday wishes to: live@blindsquare.com BlindSquare Radio 2.0 Teaser

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