Welcome to the BlindSquare Challenge!

In celebration of traveling, independence, and of course of BlindSquare, we invite you to participate in the BlindSquare Challenge held on White Cane Safety Day on 15 October.
All you need to participate is an iPhone or iPad and a copy of BlindSquare. Throughout the day, we will post challenges on our Twitter page @BlindSquareGPS. If you manage to solve some of them, you might win one of our prizes. We will draw and announce the winners on our internet radio show broadcast on Saturday, 18 October at 5 PM UK time, 12 PM EDT.

What Are the Challenges?

There are four kinds of challenges.

  • Check-In Challenges: Throughout the day, we will ask you to check in to specific places. If you manage to find one of them, check in there, and share your check-in with us, you will be entered in the prize draw for this challenge.
    To share your check-ins with us, just put the title of the challenge in the check-in comment and tweet your check-in using the hashtag specified in the description of each individual challenge.
  • Simulation Challenges: We will tweet a link to a description of the challenge. You will have to find a specific place or piece of information using the simulation feature of BlindSquare. The description and your research will hopefully let you find the right answer. To submit your answer, simply fill in the form below each question.
  • The BlindSquare Super Challenge may take a little more time to complete and will therefore be published first. Everyone who completes it successfully has a chance to win one of our prizes. The winner will be drawn during our dedicated internet radio show
  • The Newbie challenge will involve answering a few questions about BlindSquare. The three winners will receive a free copy of BllindSquare. If you don’t own BlindSquare yet, have a look at our help page or download BlindSquare Event, our demo version of BlindSquare which will let you explore most of the features available in the paid version.

What Can I Win

If you complete any of the challenges successfully, you may win one of our prizes. They include Aftershokz bone conduction headphones and extra battery packs.


The BlindSquare Challenge will begin on 15 October at 4 AM UK time, (14th Oct at 11 PM EDT) and will run for 24 hours.
Our dedicated two hour internet radio show will be broadcast on Saturday, 18 October at 5 PM UK time, 12 PM EDT.

How to Participate

If you would like to participate in the BlindSquare Challenge, follow our Twitter account @BlindSquareGPS where we will post instructions for each challenge. If you would like to interact with us during the show on Saturday, you can

  • tweet us @BlindSquareGPS
  • call blindsquare.challenge on Skype
  • iMessage or Facetime

and share your BlindSquare adventures with us.

How to Prepare

And here is what you need in order to participate in the BlindSquare Challenge:

  1. A Foursquare account that is connected to BlindSquare and Twitter. If you are not sure how to do this, read this
  2. Super Challenge and Check-In Challenges: Set up your device so you can tweet your check-ins using the #bsqc hashtag.
  3. Be familiar with some BlindSquare features.

You should know how to perform searches, category searches, how to find subcategories, and how to simulate places. If you need to brush up on your BlindSquare skills, you can read our BlindSquare instructions or listen to this detailed podcast. BlindSquare has been updated since this podcast has been recorded. It is now possible to read Foursquare tips that have been left by other users. You can access them from the Place Description Screen of each place.


Check-ins performed in order to solve the BlindSquare Super Challenge or any of the Check-In Challenges are only valid if the respective Foursquare venue has been created more than a day ago.

Each participant may only win one of the challenges in each category.
You can still submit an answer for every challenge, but as soon as your name is drawn in one challenge category during the show, you cannot win a second time in the same category. Example: If you win a check-in challenge, your name will no longer be in the draw for the remaining check-in challenges, but you can still win one of the simulation challenges or the Super Challenge.
Solutions of the Simulation Challenges and the BlindSquare Super Challenge received later than 16 October 4 PM UK time 11 PM EDT will not be accepted. Answers for check-in challenges must be submitted within 6 hours after the challenge has been published. If one of these challenges remains unsolved, no prize will be awarded.

Should unforeseen circumstances not covered by these rules arise, we reserve the right to resolve the situation at our sole discretion.

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  1. I hope my name is pulled for the Super Challenge. I’ve checked into some great places this morning! Smile.

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