(in English) Sneak preview to BlindSquare version 1.15 – Let me introduce you to Recent Places

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf suomeksi und in English verfügbar.

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  1. Ile sagt:

    Sorry for delay for version 1.15. Apple’s reviewers must be in holiday. Usually it takes about 7 days them to review. Now it took 17 days and BS didn’t get approved : One feature that is under construction is background operation. I removed that from 1.15 (it’s not fully tested yet) but left part that was not allowed without some other elements of background operation. I have resent app, let’s hope it’s not another 17 days.

  2. Ile sagt:

    Version 1.15 were just released:
    NEW FEATURE: 30 recent places mentioned can be found from Tools/Recent Places, latest first
    NEW FEATURE: Support for Navigon, TomTom and Google turn-by-turn navigation
    NEW FEATURE: FourSquare checkin stops tracking
    NEW FEATURE: Faster way to stop tracking (Tools / Stop Tracking)
    NEW FEATURE: New page for FourSquare check in + starting/stopping tracking. Includes address, twitter, link to menu, distance, direction and phone number
    NEW FEATURE: If place published phone number in 4sq, you can make a call
    NEW FEATURE: If place published twitter account in 4sq, you can open their feed
    NEW FEATURE: If place published menu in 4sq, you can take a look at it
    NEW FEATURE: Shouting is enabled when doing foursquare check in
    NEW FEATURE: Distance Unit can be changed (default is read from iOS settings)
    NEW FEATURE: Possibility to set more exact location to FourSquare venues. Corrected locations are saved to iCloud, so they affect to all your devices.
    CHANGE: When doing check in with shake gesture, places with corrected location are prioritized
    CHANGE: street crossing announcement in bus ride has more information of surroundings
    FIX: Rounding error fixed with imperial distances
    FIX: Street number is announced when reporting your address
    FIX: italian translation typos fixed
    FIX: Directions are announced correctly with different device orientations (landscape, upside down etc.). Device still must be facing screen backwards.
    FIX: If shake-to-checkin is disabled it’s not announced anymore
    FIX: Better shaking detection

  3. This specific posting, “Sneak preview to BlindSquare version
    1.15 – Let me introduce you to Recent Places | BlindSquare” illustrates that u really comprehend just what u
    are speaking about! I personally absolutely agree.
    Thanks ,Anne

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