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  1. Scott Cruce says:

    So after selecting a category on the main screen, how do I get search results? When I click on the search button, it wants a search term. Also, when I turn speech off, it doesn’t stay off. I thought with speech off, it would let my regular Voiceover voice do the talking. Is that correct? Other than that, I like the app a lot. Thanks.

    • Ile says:

      If you select category, it searches all venues inside selected radius and shows the result in new page. If no venues are found, you will hear error message and information about nearest venue of that type. If you have shut down TTS, you will not hear this. This is fixed in next version, it will say it via VO.

      IN next version you will also have better control turning speaking on/off.

  2. clarence carter says:

    How do I create favorites?


  3. Mike Scanlan says:

    I am trying to use the plan a route feature in order to get turn by turn directions but this doesn’t appear to be working for me! Can’t find any instructions in the ap. Can you help?

  4. Julien says:

    In these instructions, I can read:

    In the BlindSquare settings you can configure which of these actions you want performed when you use the Location item in the Audio Menu. The same options are available for the Shake gesture, too, so you can configure BlindSquare to perform different actions depending on whether you use the Location item in the Audio Menu or the Shake gesture.

    Apparently, there is the option to configur shake gesture, but not the one to configur audio menu behaviour 🙂

    Good app! 🙂

  5. Ile says:

    Yes it does. There are thousands of users from Germany.

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