BlindSquare is no longer blind inside

BlindSquare is now three years old, and we are celebrating its third anniversary with you. Tune in To BlindSquare radio to hear what’s new in version 3.0. Why BlindSquare is no longer blind inside, and to hear Ilkka, the developer, talk about latest developments and future plans. You are welcome to chat with us during the show via Skype and Twitter.
Come and join us on Sunday, 31 May, at 12 PM UK, 7 AM EDT.

Confused about what time it is for you? Just download it to your calendar and see it in your own time zone.

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  1. Yngve Stiansen says:

    I am almost blind, and I am working as a radio journalist in the national broadcasting company in Norway. Being far below the limits of legal blindness, it is sometimes hard to find correct addresses when going out to interview people. After I started using BlindSquare, I have several times gotten good help to find the right address or street number while working. The best thing about BlindSquare, is how easy it is to use, and that I always got it in my pocket when I need it. Although I am a radio journalist, BlindSquare has almost been as important to bring with me as a microphone and recorder.

    Best regards,

    Yngve Stiansen, Norway

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