Sneak preview to BlindSquare version 1.15 – Let me introduce you to Recent Places

In previous post I asked you if “Speech History” would solve the issue when you need to get back to something that BlindSquare told you a moment ago. I got some replies in twitter and they suggested to go for it.

The new feature is called “Recent Places”. It is a list of 30 last places mentioned. You can browse them with voiceover, in order of latest  first.  You can find this feature under Tools/Recent Places.

BlindSquare has several functions where you can browse list of places: Search, Search by Category, FourSquare Venues list and previously mentioned Recent Places.

In current version, action what you can do with the place depends on the list. I had also request for new information about places. That is the reason why I made another big change: We have a new page that is used in all lists to give more information about place. This makes user interface more consistent, even though I always try to avoid such big changes. But I hope you like it!

Whenever you select a place (from search, category list, foursquare venues listing or recent places), you get into a new page. It shows always name of the place, full foursquare category (e.g. Food / Asian food), distance and direction. You can also find address, telephone number, twitter account and even menu of the restaurant if they are available. And yes, you can make a phone call or open your favorite twitter client directly from BlindSquare if you want to.

This page has also buttons to go to the next or previous place, start tracking or correct coordinates. If distance is under 500 meters you can also make foursquare check in. And yes, now you can Shout a message to your check in! That was one common request for BlindSquare and I just needed a new page for this. Now we have it!

Possibility to correct coordinates is based on several user request: Sometimes FourSquare coordinates are a bit off. It means that you might not find front door or when shaking the device you are suggested to check in to place nearby. In new version of BlindSquare, when you once find a place, you can press a button “Set correct location”. It saves that address to your device and via iCloud to your other devices. Next time this new coordinate is used just for you. It is also used when you shake the device to enable fast check in.

I hope you find these new features useful. And there is lot more! Version 1.15 is currently waiting for Apple review. It will be available as a free update early July.

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3 comments on “Sneak preview to BlindSquare version 1.15 – Let me introduce you to Recent Places
  1. Ile says:

    Sorry for delay for version 1.15. Apple’s reviewers must be in holiday. Usually it takes about 7 days them to review. Now it took 17 days and BS didn’t get approved : One feature that is under construction is background operation. I removed that from 1.15 (it’s not fully tested yet) but left part that was not allowed without some other elements of background operation. I have resent app, let’s hope it’s not another 17 days.

  2. Ile says:

    Version 1.15 were just released:
    NEW FEATURE: 30 recent places mentioned can be found from Tools/Recent Places, latest first
    NEW FEATURE: Support for Navigon, TomTom and Google turn-by-turn navigation
    NEW FEATURE: FourSquare checkin stops tracking
    NEW FEATURE: Faster way to stop tracking (Tools / Stop Tracking)
    NEW FEATURE: New page for FourSquare check in + starting/stopping tracking. Includes address, twitter, link to menu, distance, direction and phone number
    NEW FEATURE: If place published phone number in 4sq, you can make a call
    NEW FEATURE: If place published twitter account in 4sq, you can open their feed
    NEW FEATURE: If place published menu in 4sq, you can take a look at it
    NEW FEATURE: Shouting is enabled when doing foursquare check in
    NEW FEATURE: Distance Unit can be changed (default is read from iOS settings)
    NEW FEATURE: Possibility to set more exact location to FourSquare venues. Corrected locations are saved to iCloud, so they affect to all your devices.
    CHANGE: When doing check in with shake gesture, places with corrected location are prioritized
    CHANGE: street crossing announcement in bus ride has more information of surroundings
    FIX: Rounding error fixed with imperial distances
    FIX: Street number is announced when reporting your address
    FIX: italian translation typos fixed
    FIX: Directions are announced correctly with different device orientations (landscape, upside down etc.). Device still must be facing screen backwards.
    FIX: If shake-to-checkin is disabled it’s not announced anymore
    FIX: Better shaking detection

  3. This specific posting, “Sneak preview to BlindSquare version
    1.15 – Let me introduce you to Recent Places | BlindSquare” illustrates that u really comprehend just what u
    are speaking about! I personally absolutely agree.
    Thanks ,Anne

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