Voting closed: Your voice guides the development of BlindSquare

Thank you to everyone who has voted for his or her top priority future BlindSquare feature! Your input is invaluable and helps to set the right priorities for my work on BlindSquare.

The clear majority of voters (48 %) would like to see BlindSquare support offline maps. This outcome confirms that my initial decision to use crowd-sourced data in BlindSquare instead of relying on single points saved by each user individually, has been the right choice. The more high quality map data is available, the smaller is the need for user-shared points. Therefore, it is only reasonable to keep adding of Foursquare venues on my list of planned features, since an easy and accessible way of contributing to Foursquare data will help you to improve Foursquare for every BlindSquare user.

However, there are situations where creating your own POI is more appropriate than saving them on Foursquare, for example when you want to save significant points while you are hiking. Since it can be necessary to share those with your friends, too, sharing of user POI will remain on my list of planned features. The same is true of Route Recording, since this feature can make learning new routes or using safer routes than the ones suggested by your third-party GPS app considerably easier.

Offline use of BlindSquare, however, will have highest priority. To give you an idea of how this might work, I would like to describe my plans for this feature in more detail:
When you walk using BlindSquare, it will download and save the data of the area you are walking in, so it will be available offline the next time you are there. If you want to download map data in advance, you can simulate an address or POI in that area. When you simulate a POI or address of an area that is not yet stored on your device, BlindSquare will download map data of this area automatically. This should help you to save data usage on international trips. There will be a setting to limit the amount of memory BlindSquare may use to store map data. Once this limit has been reached, BlindSquare will delete the oldest and/or least used data from your device.

Last but not least: Chances are good that you will be able to use this feature during your summer vacation or during your winter vacation, if you live on the southern hemisphere.

Voting for BlindSquare features (voting closed)

  • Off-line use (48%, 59 Votes)
  • Route recording (24%, 30 Votes)
  • Adding places to Foursquare (24%, 29 Votes)
  • Sharing POI information (4%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 123

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3 comments on “Voting closed: Your voice guides the development of BlindSquare
  1. Hum êtes vous sûr de ce que vous avancez ?

  2. Chester Thrash says:

    I hope Blindsquare will one day increase the radius to 20 or 30 miles to be able to search from. I really love this app.

    • Ile says:

      You can search faraway places by first searching city, then simulating and doing another search. It is always better search results that way.

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