Ckeyin ® BT Bluetooth Wireless Media Music Remote

Ckeyin ® BT Bluetooth Wireless Media Music Remote
We have a new digital friend in our midst, in the presence of a keyfob. Since the release of BlindSquare version 2.0, we have had the ability to control BlindSquare from the wired Apple Earbud controls (or the like) or, to more limited extent, the AfterShokz headset. We now have a wonderful solution using the Ckeyin ® BT Bluetooth Wireless Media Music Remote that I’m about to describe. You may purchase it from Amazon for example. The keyfob is

  • Small
  • Light
  • Low cost
  • Rechargeable via usb
  • Has a nylon tether with a keyring (so you can easily run a finger through it while using to prevent accidental dropping)
  • Allows use of Audio Menu in conjunction with any headset or no headset at all
  • Easily fits in your hand or pocket, to allow use with BlindSquare while your iPhone is nestled in a shirt or pants pocket.
  • The Ckeyin has the following controls:
    1. On/off slider
    2. Play/Pause
    3. Forward/back
    4. Volume up/down
    5. Large round button, currently not used, acts as a shutter release for the camera.


  • Contents. Device, small tether cord with ring, USB charging cable, printed instructions
  • Hold device with buttons up, round button away from you.
  • Top edge left, slider for power, left ON, right OFF
  • Top edge right, USB charging port.
  • TOP. Large circular button.
  • Below, at 5:00 pinhole, with power light.
  • Below, at 6:00 half-moon shaped rocker button (curve on top). Right side, volume up, left side, volume down.
  • Below, at 6:00 rectangular button. Left, press for previous track, press and hold for rewind. Right, press for next track, press and hold for fast-forward.
  • Below, at 6:00, half-moon button (curve on bottom), simple press for play/pause toggle.
  • Below, at 6:00, bottom of device with slot for nylon tether cord.


Press large circular button and lower half-moon button together to enable pairing.

Make sure unit is charged (2 hrs recommended, although there is an initial charge) and ON before pairing. Thereafter switching unit on/off immediately connects.

Purchasing the Ckeyin ® BT Bluetooth Wireless Media Music Remote

The device is sold by different online stores. For your convenience, please find the Amazon links below.

4 comments on “Ckeyin ® BT Bluetooth Wireless Media Music Remote
  1. Rod Hutton says:

    Although I haven’t yet tested it with Blind Square, @atguys also offers a multimedia remote which has the same buttons and I would guess the same functionality here

  2. Rod Hutton says:

    I would like to update my previous post; having ordered, received and tested the remote, I can confirm that it performs all of the audio menu functions.

  3. Matt says:

    Yes and this remote if you get it from A T Guys it will be supporting a person from the blind community and a local business and small business! Here again see link to it below.

    Remote From A T Guys to controll BSQ

  4. Doug says:

    I got the ckeyin remote about a month ago and indeed, it is a handy device for several music related applications as well as BlindSquare. I cary my IPhone in such a way as to make it possible for me to take still pictures or videos. I use the ottervox case with the belt clip swivelled to hold the phone upright. This then clips to a lanyard with each end drawn through a bar which itself is horizontal. The camera thus looks directly out from about my chest level.

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