Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf suomeksi und in English verfügbar.

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  1. kenyon Jones sagt:

    I am partially sighted and cannot adjust the speech rate and location distance at all. Please help. The on screen directions say to swip up or down and it doesn’t work. Also, if I am traveling I5 will the app announce towns, historic places or any place of interest that is not commercial. I need help. Also, I press the Tool button and do not get a compass. What’s that all about? By the way, your site could use a customer service site, a Q&A site or other help. Is 4 Square something I need to use this app?

    • Ile sagt:

      Are you using VoiceOver or not? If not, you need to swipe left/right.

      If you use VoiceOver, when you select radius, you have to swipe up/down quickly enough to change radius. This is basic functionality of iOS devices.

      When you travel you will most likely to hear places you mention. Data comes from foursquare database that is based on crowdsourcing: Any user of FourSquare who has visited the place might have added the place if it was missing. Usually there is much more points of interest than in other databases.

      Tools/Compass has been renamed “Tools / Look around”.

      You don’t need to use foursquare: BlindSquare works just fine without account in FourSquare.

  2. David sagt:

    How do you connect using the blue tooth controller. Cannot find instructions or suss how to do this?

  3. william sagt:

    can i use the aftershokz blues headphones mentioned in the accessories page to control blind square remote feature in v 2?

  4. Ile sagt:

    You can carry phone in pocket, bag etc. and use headphone remote controlling features.

  5. Ile sagt:

    If you can control music with its remote (play, stop, etc.), then it should work with BlindSquare too, if you have enabled this feature from Other / Settings.

  6. Ile sagt:

    iPhone and iPad with 3G / 4G.

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