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  1. Daya Garcia sagt:


    I am submitting feedback about the app Blindsquare. After the recent update on the app store, it requires me to let Blindsquare to have access to my contacts. There is no option to disagree to that and continue to use the app. When I select to not let Blindsquare access my contacts, I can not use the app. That is a safety issue for me. I do not want to share my contacts. Nobody needs to know that because for me as a blind person that is a safety issue and I don’t want to put my contacts in jeopardy. These days you never know. The disclaimer to allow to add contacts pops up each time I open the app which does not let me use it. I am not a happy blind customer. hahaha. 🙂 I hope that with my concern you guys will consider to make it better.

    Thank you very much.

    • Ile sagt:

      Thank you for reporting this.
      This has been fixed in 1.51. With 1.50, just keep app running. When you press Home, it goes to sleep mode and brings back without asking permission.

  2. boissinot sagt:

    I would like to known the blindsqare’s price.

  3. Mark sagt:

    What are your plans to leverage iBeacons in support of micro-fencing and in-building navigation? We have a project to make the inside of a new multi-floor facility completely accessible to persons with visual impairments and are hoping to leverage the lower cost and incredible accuracy of iBeacon technology.

    • Ile sagt:

      I’m currently studying this technology and it’s really promising. So, at my home I already have indoor positing going on 🙂

  4. saed fro sweden sagt:

    hi. i needed to install blindsquare again after restoring of my iphone. but after reinstallation of the app all the data such as my favorites were lost. is it possible to add an function in blindsquare to export and import favorite addresses so i do not need to refind all one by one? thanks in advance

    • Ile sagt:

      Hello! BlindSquare saves all data into iCloud, so if you have it active, you will never loose data. This doesn’t work if you have jailbroken device.

  5. mustafa amer sagt:

    hi pleas helpe me how can save bookmarks in blindsquare?

  6. Very nice app. Please are there any plans to release a version for the Android OS?

  7. Jürg sagt:

    according to faq, Blindsquare does not Import data from Ariadne or MyWay, still true? By the way, which Service does provide you with intersections? I supposed it is MapQuest but they don’t seem to offer this Service anymore.

    • Ile sagt:

      BlindSquare does support importing from Ariadne, MyWay and more.
      BlindSquare uses OpenStreetMap for intersections.

  8. Don sagt:


    I just purchased blindsquare for my iPod touch. I am aware of the restrictions around GPS but expected that it would work when connected to wifi. So far, I am having no luck getting any information from the app whatsoever. I have connected it to a foursquare account. I have increased the range to 2KM. When I search food from the main screen, for example, nothing happens, not even a message saying no results. Also, when I double tap on the search button at the top left, the search screen opens up but after about 4 seconds, it reverts back to the main screen of blindsquare. In other words, I am unable to type in a search at all. Can you offer any assistance?

    Thank you

    • Ile sagt:

      Can you access Apple Maps and does it show your current location? For search to work, it needs to know your current location. Usually being near wifi should be enough.

  9. Larry sagt:

    I live in the Puget Sound region of Washington. We use One Bus Away for cities outside of Seattle, which Seattle is also included as well. Is it possible to get you folks to include One Bus Away? It is a open source produt with folks developing it at University of Washington.

  10. Ile sagt:

    This is planned feature, but needs some additional services to be in place on my data provider. So, I can’t give any dates.

  11. Ile sagt:

    That is planned for 2015

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