BlindSquare QRS Blaze

This label is provided to support the exchange of information for persons who are blind, partially-sighted or deafblind. 

BlindSquare provides a built-in QR reader, access from the tool menu or via VOICE COMMAND.


BLINDSQUARE, an iOS based application, is the world’s most-used application for waypoint navigation and information for persons who are blind.  Travel, indoors and out, is supported with the use of:

  • Indoors: Bluetooth beacons used to silently identify key locations such as doorways, stairs, and hallway junctures
  • Outdoors: 100+ Points of interest (POI’s), across the Guelph campus to identify buildings, entrances, stairways and more.  Beyond the Guelph Campus, access to over 125M POI’s globally.
  • Both Indoors and Outdoors: BlindSquare QR Blazes, as used to access this page, provides audio information about fixed locations.  Examples, Elevator call buttons, meeting rooms or class rooms, restrooms,  building directories and more.

BlindSquare EVENT, a campus and community-wide free use version of BlindSquare, can be downloaded here.  This version, when opened on-campus, will continue to serve off-campus until such time as the app is closed.   This, to support “the  trip home”, wherever home may be.

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