Can I use BlindSquare on an iPad?

BlindSquare will work on an iPad. We recommend using a 3G or 4G model of the iPad, since only these models possess GPS capabilities. If you use BlindSquare on a non-3g or 4G iPad, please see the section on using BlindSquare on an iPod Touch.

If you want to run BlindSquare on an iPad, you will want to carry the iPad in a backpack. Make sure that the back of the iPad points in the direction in which you are traveling. Connect headphones to your iPad so you are able to hear announcements.

If you use bone conduction headphones or AirDrives headphones, your ears will not be covered and you will be able to hear environment sounds well enough to be safe.

A benefit of the iPad is its longer battery life compared to the iPhone. Touching the screen to perform a search, however, is more difficult. We recommend that you use BlindSquare with a headset that supports the Audio Menu. The Audio Menu allows you to perform different BlindSquare commands using the music controls of your headset. Both the Aftershokz and the Airdrives headsets support the Audio Menu. However, the Bluetooth models of the Aftershokz headsets do not support all of the Audio Menu features.