How does the Radius work?

On the main screen of Blind Square you will find the Radius slider at the top of the screen. The Radius setting determines when you are informed about places in your surroundings while you are walking. As soon as new places appear in your radius, BlindSquare will inform you about the distance and direction of the most popular ones. For areas in which many Foursquare places can be located, we recommend that you use a lower radius so as not to hear too much information at once. In areas with fewer Foursquare entries you can increase the radius if you want to be informed about places sooner while you are walking.
The radius also affects the category search feature and the Look Around function. If you were looking for a place to eat, you could set the radius to the distance you are willing to travel, for instance 500 meters. Then double-tap the Food category on the main screen. Now you will see the most popular restaurants in a radius of 500 meters
Please note that the Radius setting does not affect the search feature, i.e. you can enter search terms and see search results covering a wider area than your currently selected radius does.