What is BlindSquare Event?

BlindSquare Event is a free version of the paid BlindSquare app. When it is used at an event of special interest to blind and visually impaired people which has been registered with MIPsoft, BlindSquare Event will make available for free all of the features of the paid version of BlindSquare at the location and time of the registered event.
If BlindSquare Event is run at a different time and location, it will operate as a demo of BlindSquare. BlindSquare Event will simulate a predefined location and users will be able to try most of the features available in the paid version of BlindSquare as if they really were at the simulated location. We hope BlindSquare Event will help potential buyers to decide if BlindSquare can be helpful to them.
Organizations that hold an event for the blind and visually impaired and would like to give attendees an additional tool to make orientation at the location of the event easier are welcome to register their event. If you plan to attend an event that is not registered with MIPsoft, you may request the event to be supported by BlindSquare Event. MIPsoft will then contact the organization holding the event to ask if they are interested in making BlindSquare Event available to their attendees. If the organization agrees, BlindSquare Event will be activated for the event.
You can download BlindSquare Event from the App Store.