Which accessories do I need in order to use BlindSquare?

Although it can be helpful to use some accessories with BlindSquare, you do not require any accessories at all to benefit from using BlindSquare. Just make sure you are able to hear your device’s speaker well.

If you find you enjoy using BlindSquare, you might consider purchasing either bone conduction headphones or AirDrives headphones to better hear BlindSquare announcements. Both AirDrives and bone conduction headphones do not cover your ears, and you will be able to hear well all of the sounds that are important when traveling, such as traffic and echoes. For this reason these headphones are safer to use than regular headphones. Both Aftershokz and Airdrives headsets have got music controls that support the Audio Menu. The Audio Menu lets you perform different actions in BlindSquare without having to touch your phone or tablet. The bluetooth models of the Aftershokz headset may not support all of the Audio Menu actions.

If you do not wish to use any headset at all, you can also use the bem wireless Speaker Band. This is a small Bluetooth speaker that can be worn on your wrist. It has several buttons and is compatible with the BlindSquare Audio Menu.

If you are an orientation and mobility specialist who wants to teach clients how to use BlindSquare, you might be interested in the Monoprice Bluetooth Splitter. It plugs into the phone’s headphone jack and can connect to two bluetooth devices at the same time. Using this splitter, you and your client can both hear VoiceOver and BlindSquare. You can also watch this YouTube video for more information on the splitter.