Can BlindSquare be used by people who are both blind and deaf?

BlindSquare supports Braille displays so people who are deafblind can use it, too. To use BlindSquare with your Braille display, open the Tools menu and double-tap Braille Display to open a screen containing all of the spoken text. While this screen is active, BlindSquare will not use the Acapela or iOS speech synthesizer, but will send all announcements to this screen so you can read it using VoiceOver and your Braille display. You can shake your device to cause BlindSquare to display your current location. If you press the Home button to send BlindSquare to the background while the Braille Display Screen is active, BlindSquare will display all of the spoken text as notifications, which can be read on your Braille display, too. When BlindSquare mentions a place, you may double-tap the notification to open its Place Description Screen. If you perform any action on this screen e.g. checking in, BlindSquare will return to the Braille Display Screen, not to the main screen.