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Sunu Band x BlindSquare Join Forces for Enhanced Accessibility

Man sitting with white cane wearing Sunu Band on his wrist

Today, we’re proud to announce our latest venture into making the world a more accessible place.

Sunu Band, the advanced mobility aid for those who are blind or have vision loss, uses sonar and echolocation to detect objects in the user’s path. The wearable wristband sends haptic vibrations to provide the user information on object proximity within their path. On the market since 2018, Sunu Band is shaking up the world of accessibility, helping to deliver a safer, more independent journey for those with vision loss.

Sunu Band and BlindSquare have joined forces to improve accessible navigation together. Pairing these two technologies will offer reliable BlindSquare-driven GPS navigation to direct users where they’re intending, while also issuing safety measures through the Sunu Band to alert users of oncoming obstacles.

With every Sunu Band purchase, users will receive BlindSquare for only $9.99! To learn more about this offer, click here. For existing BlindSquare users, you can receive $30 off your first Sunu Band by visiting this link. This offer expands across North America, so spread the word to those who may benefit, as this powerful duo is certain to change their lives.