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BlindSquare Among CityLab’s Roundup of Apps Redefining Accessibility

BlindSquare user holding phone in a park

BlindSquare was recently featured in CityLab’s roundup of apps that are redefining accessibility; an impressive list of tools opening new pathways for people with disabilities. With COVID-19 came a new way of life; a world of remote work, oftentimes leading to a digital divide for those with visual impairments. It’s estimated that less than 10% of websites are accessible; a staggeringly low number, and a massive opportunity for businesses across the globe. There are, however, innovative companies bridging this gap, making the world more accessible each day.


This app developed for the blind connects those with visual impairments to sighted volunteers to assist with navigation via a video call. These volunteers assist with everyday tasks, such as grocery shopping, helping turn on the stove, etc. This app is serving 320,000 blind and low-vision users with visual support needs.


Ever wondered how accessible a location is prior to visiting? This app and website maps and reviews places so users understand any potential barriers they may face, such as steps into an entryway, or a broken elevator.


Used by over 60,000 people across 186 countries, the BlindSquare app provides audio prompts to help those who are visually impaired navigate through streets and communities around them. Increasing accessibility is a fundamental goal for BlindSquare, where those who are blind will continue to push boundaries and explore more, independently.

It’s the innovators like these who are changing the accessibility game, bridging gaps and increasing independence. We’re in good company with these amazing tools, and welcome new players to the table! Thank you, CityLab for spreading the word.