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Synergy – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Witness the synergy with two practice-leading products, Sunu Band and BlindSquare

Sunu Band,

The best complement for your white cane or guide dog, it protects your head and upper body by warning you through vibrations when an object or person is getting close. The Sunu Band is a wrist-worn sonar device paired to your iPhone; you wear it like a watch and it will feel like walking with an invisible sighted guide, helping you with your daily journeys. Find your way out of crowds, follow in a line with ease, keep social distance, hands-free GPS assistance, and much more.

Join our growing community of thousands of users in over 50 countries and experience smarter mobility with 90% fewer accidents. Outstanding support in the form of online tutorials, in-app Sunu Academy, assets for O&M instructors, and “human” support by Chat and Email. What’s it like to wear a Sunu Band? <video, 40 seconds>


The most used and recognized waypoint navigation app for persons who are blind, partially-sighted, or deafblind.  Used in over 185 countries, supported with over 25 languages.  BlindSquare, celebrating 10 years of service across the globe.

BlindSquare is a platform, federating dozens of products and information services. With nearly 100 integrations, BlindSquare offers access to information or other supporting applications into one product, in your hand, or in your pocket.

Sub-meter information.  Sunu Band and BlindSquare have merged services, amplifying the natural value of both!

Now, extending BlindSquare services to the wrist, delivering sub-meter accuracy for object and feature identification.  

Now, extending Sunu Band access to information to include the 120,000,000 points of information, idealized for persons who are blind.  On-street or remote simulation to destinations of interest, whether common or the start of a new adventure.

What shall we call this new synergy? 

A technological sixth sense, reliable information, instantly available, apprising “what’s ahead” in known or unknown environments.  A familiar route, still filled with hazards?  Create a personal place-marker by touch or by voice via BlindSquare to warn you next time.  With Sunu Band, you can easily navigate around the object avoiding unwanted impacts (or other surprises). The definition of autonomous travel just improved.

In these COVID-adjusted days, distance is our friend. The role of Sunu Band is to alert you of the distance between you and others and to enable you to advance through waiting lines, with the silent haptic advice that the person before you has moved.

Detect obstacles several steps before the cane detects for a less bumpy ride. Is the obstacle a person? A wall? A shrub? Easy, perceive the obstacles’ proximity, hardness, and shape in real-time with Sunu Band’s haptic language. It’s literally a sixth sense! 

How else do we ease this journey?

  • For existing Sunu Band users, BlindSquare is available for $25, through the SUNU app
  • For BlindSquare owners, order SUNU Band with a discount, Click here
  • For persons new to both products, when purchasing Sunu Band, BlindSquare is bundled and available without additional cost, Click here

World Blind Union presentation.

On June 29, 2021, BlindSquare and Sunu Band formed a panel before the World Blind Union annual Summit in Madrid.  Please join us by viewing this recorded event.

BlindSquare and Sunu Podcast.

An interview with the principals of BlindSquare, Ilkka Pirttimaa, and Rob Nevin, explaining the History of BlindSquare and the importance of the SUNU connection.  Please join us by viewing the Podcast interview by Marcela Lorenzana Padilla.